4 Mar 2014

The V&A, London

Last weekend my kin and I met my brother at Kings Cross and headed to the V&A.  I love London.  I love it so much I'm going down again in a week for a day trip with my aunty (and another blog post).  Anyhoo, I've never been to the V&A.  I love a good museum and/or gallery, not just for the history but for the architecture as they're usually in very old buildings.  It means there are lots of little details to notice, something I love to do!

I'm trying to pick up drawing and sketching again, it's something I love to do but have lost the motivation for in the past year or so (i.e. I never got around to it whilst I was in Melbourne).

Needless to say I loved the above exhibition.  Fashion, through the years.  And below, a tea set to die for.  I'm giving up tea for lent, a decision I'll definitely regret (after about one day).

My brother contemplating life (or probably wondering when we'd be getting lunch)

Always appreciate a good staircase
Took a lot of willpower to refrain from buying this

After this we took a stroll through South Ken, and down Chancery Lane when my mum worked in her early twenties.  A great day in a great city, one that I still have my eventual sights set on.