6 Mar 2014

Cupping Workshop At Tamper

This week I went to a cupping session at Tamper Coffee in Sheffield.  A cupping session is where you taste various types of coffee using an industry standard method.  It was a really interesting and fun event to go to, I'm thinking about going to the next one!

Lovely Sheffield

The different flavours are laid out, then hot water is added to each cup.  This is left to stew for a few minutes, then the top 'crust' is broken and scraped away and the cupping commences!

We had Colombian and Brazilian coffees to taste, some were dry-processed and others were wet-processed - you could really taste the difference!  My favourite was the Brazilian Cup Of Excellence.  The Cup Of Excellence is an industry awards scheme - if you ever see a Cup Of Excellence coffee advertised anywhere, try it.

Try to imagine the beautiful aromas bubbling beneath that surface.

After a quick taste-description brainstorm and a realisation that I was very high on caffeine, I left the workshop.  As a leaving gift we were treated to a free bag of coffee beans, I plan on grinding these this weekend and trying my hand at making a flat white!

Anyone can attend the workshops at Tamper, you just need to email them to reserve a place.  Find Tamper Coffee on Facebook here and on Twitter here.