13 Mar 2014

Doncaster Discoveries - Turkuaz Bar & Grill

Since arriving home one of my uncles has been suggesting I blog about Doncaster and I'm finally taking him up on it.  It's hard to write about somewhere that you've spent the past three years continuously leaving, and it's also hard to write about a place like Doncaster.  It's a small town and at first (and sometimes second, third and even fourth) glance, it's very easy to come to the conclusion that there is nothing here.  But as I've spent more and more time here, I am now unable to deny that Doncaster actually does have some really good places and lots of potential.  On top of this, I have to admit there's something I really like about Donny.  In Melbourne I was completely anonymous in a very big city, here I know loads of people in a very small town.  There's good and bad to both I think.

Earlier this week my uncle and aunty took me on a bit of a tour of Doncaster town centre, to four places that I previously had absolutely no idea existed.  They were all a very pleasant surprise - two great pubs, a super cute bar and a Turkish restaurant called Turkuaz.

6 Mar 2014

Cupping Workshop At Tamper

This week I went to a cupping session at Tamper Coffee in Sheffield.  A cupping session is where you taste various types of coffee using an industry standard method.  It was a really interesting and fun event to go to, I'm thinking about going to the next one!

Lovely Sheffield

4 Mar 2014

The V&A, London

Last weekend my kin and I met my brother at Kings Cross and headed to the V&A.  I love London.  I love it so much I'm going down again in a week for a day trip with my aunty (and another blog post).  Anyhoo, I've never been to the V&A.  I love a good museum and/or gallery, not just for the history but for the architecture as they're usually in very old buildings.  It means there are lots of little details to notice, something I love to do!