10 Feb 2014

The Relish Tableau

This time last year it was all change in Melbourne, this time this year it's all change in God's Own County, Yorkshire.  A lot has been happening, but here's one thing that happened recently in Doncaster.  One of my favourite photographers is Helmut Newton.  He did a series of images for Villeroy & Boch in the 1980s in which he took a number of single shots, then edited them together to create one shot with a series of different narratives within it.

Adam wanted to create his own version and drew his inspiration from Ryan Schude's 'Diner':

And on one wet and windy (I'm getting far too used to saying those words, come on summer, it isn't funny anymore) night in Doncaster after we'd finished work, we all tried to help Adam create something similar.  It didn't run quite as smoothly as expected but that's what happens when Erdinger gets involved.

Chris and Tranter arguably had the easiest role to play - sit and look at phone
Tom gets pensive

Amongst the various shots were a lovers tiff in which a drink was thrown into someone's face and a waitress spilling a tray of drinks.  I can't wait to see the finished edit!

Find Adam's photography blog here.