5 Feb 2014

Steam Yard Coffee Co, Sheffield

I'm just about surviving this cold weather.  Going straight from a winter in Melbourne to one in the UK is an experience I plan on never repeating ever again in my life.  Note so self: next time, make it a year of summer, not winter.

On a warmer (HA!  I wish) note, I went to Sheffield yesterday to try out a new cafe and also meet with the editors of Social Sheffield, a super useful website that is essentially the knowledge hotspot for what's going on in the steel city.  Exciting new ventures aside, the coffee was delicious.  I'm so happy I may have shed a caffeine infused tear.

Steam Yard is located in Aberdeen Court off Division Street - one of my favourite areas of Sheffield.  It's buzzing with bars, restaurants and shops yet this cafe is nestled nice and quietly into this courtyard, so the location couldn't be more perfect.

As for the coffee...

I've been dreaming of a decent flat white since leaving the southern hemisphere.  Yes, the coffee chain that rhymes with … erm … foster, does serve flat whites now too, but no, they don't taste good at all.  Go local, always.  Not only does everything taste better, it looks better and has way more character too.  I find nothing more depressing than the dull, uniform decor of chain cafes or restaurants.

On such a wet and windy day nothing could have perked me up more than a good cup'o coffee.  I'll be coming back here to try some of the food too!

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