21 Feb 2014

Tamper Coffee, Sheffield

As the drinks editor for Social Sheffield, I have to put myself out into Sheffield as a taster and tester.  It's a voyage of discovery in which I need to visit as many bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs as possible to find out what's good, what's not and why.  Tamper Coffee is pretty much at the top of the good list.  There are two cafes, one on Westfield Terrace and one on Arundel St.  They're owned by kiwis, which means they make excellent coffee.  They also know how to put on a good brunch.

13 Feb 2014

Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield

Blue Moon Cafe is a special and unique place.  It's decor is no frills yet still very aesthetically appealing, it's ethos is riddled with Sheffield community and goodness.  The food on offer is usually vegetarian, vegan and/or organic and it has almost a school dinner hall feel to it, but retains its quirky, individual charm marvellously.  I love this place.  The food is also really cheap, incredibly delicious and extremely filling - but because it's all healthy you're left with the nice kind of full, not the kind of full that makes you lethargic and groggy!

10 Feb 2014

The Relish Tableau

This time last year it was all change in Melbourne, this time this year it's all change in God's Own County, Yorkshire.  A lot has been happening, but here's one thing that happened recently in Doncaster.  One of my favourite photographers is Helmut Newton.  He did a series of images for Villeroy & Boch in the 1980s in which he took a number of single shots, then edited them together to create one shot with a series of different narratives within it.

Adam wanted to create his own version and drew his inspiration from Ryan Schude's 'Diner':

8 Feb 2014

Marmadukes Cafe Deli, Sheffield

The bloody weather has stepped up its game a notch, and today I warmed my cockles at Marmadukes on Norfolk Row.  This is one of those places that I've walked past many times and made a mental note to visit, but never actually gone in.  Until now!  I'm a total sucker for cute and quirky decor and this place has plenty of that so we were off to a very good start.

5 Feb 2014

Steam Yard Coffee Co, Sheffield

I'm just about surviving this cold weather.  Going straight from a winter in Melbourne to one in the UK is an experience I plan on never repeating ever again in my life.  Note so self: next time, make it a year of summer, not winter.

On a warmer (HA!  I wish) note, I went to Sheffield yesterday to try out a new cafe and also meet with the editors of Social Sheffield, a super useful website that is essentially the knowledge hotspot for what's going on in the steel city.  Exciting new ventures aside, the coffee was delicious.  I'm so happy I may have shed a caffeine infused tear.