14 Jan 2014

Things I Wish I Could Bring Home From Melbourne

Coming home after travelling is always a weird mix of uncontrollable joy and utter despair.  I'm currently in the middle of an aggressive job search, a bitter English winter and a struggle to re-adjust to life back home.  I am happy to be back, but I'm also really not happy to be back.  I think only people who have had the same experience will understand that ungrateful sounding and senseless sentence.

In a bid to inject some humour into my situation, and in a bid to secretly find ways of not letting go of Melbourne (emotionally healthy, I know), I've compiled a list of things I wish I could have brought home with me.  I'm fairly certain that if these wishes came true then I would be perfectly happy in the UK.

1.  The sun.

I love the sky and it loves me too

Yes, an obvious one.  Something that the UK, as much as I love it, severely lacks.  The sun never gets that high here either, so when it does show its face all you get is the glare off the road burning your eyeballs.  I miss a big bright sky.  I remember whenever I left my flat in Melbourne and stepped into the delicious warmth of the sun, I was immediately in a fantastic mood.  Every single time.  It didn't matter what happened during the day, the smile on my face never waned.  You did that sun, you.

2.  Rooftop bars.

Madame Brussels, a hidden gem
Ideal venues for sunny weather and Melbourne has them coming from all angles.  One of my favourites was at Naked For Satan, sweetly called Naked In The Sky.  It had such a beautiful view of the city, particularly at night.

3.  Wine.

Wine can make you happy you know
Okay, okay, I know you can buy Australian wine in the UK (and thank God you can, I'm now physically unable to drink Gallo, call me a snob call me what you like, it's all Australia's fault).  But after a wine tour I took in September, I am all too aware that I may never again taste the sweet perfection of local moscato from the Mornington Peninsula, or the rich happiness in a glass that was the red wine there.

4.  The scenery.

Beauuutiful mayte
I love the scenery in England.  Love it.  But I also love the scenery in Australia.  Ideally, what I'd like is to be driving along and have English scenery to my right and Australian to my left.  Literally the best of both worlds.  If anyone can organise this for me I'd be eternally grateful.

5.  People.

I met some awesome people in Australia and made friends I'll keep for life.  They were many lunches, shopping trips, excursions, nights in and coffees.  I had a lot of nights that I can't remember and will never forget.  I wish so much that they could all be just a few hundred miles nearer to me than they are.  This is a tough one though because whilst in Melbourne I wished exactly the same for my friends back home.  The world is small but it's also too bloody big!  But as the saying goes don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.


Not only does it taste amazing, it has a rabbit's face in it!
Oh please, someone help me, please bring me coffee.  This is no joke, it's a genuine cry for help, I need good coffee.

Another good quote to remember if you've just got back from travelling and are wondering what comes next, is don't look back, you're not going that way.  Onwards and upwards!  (But I can still start planning a short holiday in Melbourne can't I?).