14 Jan 2014

Things I Wish I Could Bring Home From Melbourne

Coming home after travelling is always a weird mix of uncontrollable joy and utter despair.  I'm currently in the middle of an aggressive job search, a bitter English winter and a struggle to re-adjust to life back home.  I am happy to be back, but I'm also really not happy to be back.  I think only people who have had the same experience will understand that ungrateful sounding and senseless sentence.

In a bid to inject some humour into my situation, and in a bid to secretly find ways of not letting go of Melbourne (emotionally healthy, I know), I've compiled a list of things I wish I could have brought home with me.  I'm fairly certain that if these wishes came true then I would be perfectly happy in the UK.

1.  The sun.

I love the sky and it loves me too

5 Jan 2014

NYE In The Cotswolds - Pt 3

Roused by pizza, we all congregated in the kitchen and/or play room.  Drinking resumed, merriment returned, Matt's leadership skills were soon forgotten (that is, they weren't forgotten at all).

3 Jan 2014

NYE In The Cotswolds - Pt 2

On New Years Eve we pretty much all woke up with very sore heads.  Matt and Phil kindly made everyone bacon and egg sandwiches and cups of tea to nurse us back to health.  Slowly we got ready to go for a refreshing and exhilarating walk through the quaint English countryside, however no one really took into consideration the extremely heavy rainfall we'd heard throughout the night… this would turn out to be our downfall (HA!  Downpour, rainfall, get it?!  No?  Alright).

I took a few pictures of our cottage and the surroundings while I waited for people to get their walking boots on (although some people, myself included, only had trainers, and others had very unsuitable footwear - most notably Tamara).

Our lovely cottage, Juniper House

2 Jan 2014

NYE In The Cotswolds - Pt 1

The Cotswolds is an absolutely adorable part of the UK.  This year (last year?) I headed down there with a big group of Poms and a sprinkling of Aussies (Melburnians to be precise, woo!) to eat and drink ourselves into festive stupors for four days - with the occasional walk thrown in here and there.  I also took my running gear just to be optimistic (it stayed in my bag the whole time).

On Monday Phil, Tamara and I arrived to a warm and cosy cottage somewhere along Fosse Way bustling with Yorkshiremen carrying beers.  Boded well.  We had dinner reservations at the local pub at 8:30pm so until then we explored the cottage and got started on the wide variety of beverages available.  Beer, prosecco, red wine and even gin - I made cocktails.