27 Dec 2013

Christmas In England

The one thing I've been looking forward to since I booked my flights back home in June is Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I love the food and the time spent with family and friends and just the whole season.  I was lucky to have an amazing Christmas last year in Australia, but without a biting wind and frost everywhere it didn't really feel quite the same.

In my family our first tradition to kick off the festivities is going to mass (church) on Christmas eve with my grandparents and then having a cheeseboard together afterwards.  Unfortunately this year I was working at my aunt and uncle's bar in town, but fortunately we finished early and I got home just in time for the cheese, wine and granddad's annual family poem.  My granddad is a bit of a wordsmith and every year does a few verses on each family member summing up their year, this year's was absolutely hilarious and loooong - four verses for each person.  There are 25 people in our family, 26 including my uncle's cat!

6 Dec 2013

Crafty Dog Fashion

During my last few weeks in Melbourne on one particular Friday night, I was walking into the bathroom at 1806 before we left.  On the way in a woman walked past me wearing a lovely, bright dress so I complimented her on it.  She said it's funny I should compliment her dress, as it's actually one of her own designs.  A short conversation and business card swap later, she promised to email me further details.

She did, her name is Eleanor Kennedy and I really liked her story.  I love hearing about people who have found their passion and turned it into a career and a way of life.  All pictures included in this post are from Eleanor.

2 Dec 2013

Fields, Manchester & Frost

Last weekend my friend Dave drove up from Northampton to see me and my folks.  I last saw him a week before I flew over to Melbourne, so a catch up weekend was due.  As well as eating and drinking ourselves into slight comas, we wanted to pack in a few other activities as well, including a run, a visit to Manchester and a walk through England's green and pleasant land.

1 Dec 2013

Blue Daisy Cafe, Manchester

I can't resist a good cafe, especially after a year in lovely Melbourne.  This weekend I was in Manchester catching up with a friend.  After our fair share of op shopping we needed a caffeine boost.  I really resent buying coffee from giants such as Starbucks and Costa.  Firstly, the coffee is never that good, and secondly, I'm generally a fan of supporting local independence rather than chains.  We stumbled across this place as we popped in to Pop Boutique on Oldham Street.