28 Nov 2013

A Quick Stop In London

This week I went to visit my brother Nick who lives in Balham.  We call Nick the 'German' of the family, because he is incredibly organised and precise about everything.  Naturally, when I arrived Tuesday morning he had a full itinerary mapped out that would take up my two days there.

I dropped my stuff at Nick's lovely and surprisingly-roomy-for-London flat then we headed out in search of brunch.

25 Nov 2013

Jeudi et Vendredi à Paris

Our final couple days in gay Paree.  We went to the East parts of the city (on foot, had to work off the wine and kir somehow) to Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  I recommend spending the two euros it costs for a map, we didn't and quickly got horribly lost.  That with the first signs of lunch hunger was not a good combo.

24 Nov 2013

Mecredi à Paris

Today we went to the Palace of Versailles for a good look around.  I love history (so much so I studied it at University) so touristy things like this are often right up my street.  It was still lung clenchingly cold, and even though my ears hurt it was nice to be in the beginnings of a proper European winter.  I've missed it a little!

23 Nov 2013

Mardi à Paris

Day two in Paris was busy.  We got up and out early into the ffffffreezing cold air and made our way to the Musée d'Orsay.  When we arrived the queue was monumentally long, so we decided to come back later and have hot chocolate at Angelina's first.

22 Nov 2013

Lundi à Paris

On Monday my mum and I popped over to Paris for a week.  I've been away for a year and we've always wanted to go together as my mum is a bit of a Francophile and once lived in Paris, so now was as good a time as any.

I really like Paris.  I know a lot of people don't because it's expensive, dirty and often dodgy - to be honest I agree that these things are all true, I actually had a pick pocket try their luck with me on Thursday whilst on the Metro, which incidentally absolutely hum dinged of warm, stale urine.  For me though, these negative factors don't outweigh the reasons why I like the place.  It's quaint, everyone wears black and doesn't seem to give a toss and it's just so pretty!  I love the French language too, it's so soothing to listen to and so expressive.

6 Nov 2013

First Impressions Of Auckland

If Australia is an amalgamation of America and the UK, then I'd say that New Zealand (or what I've seen of it) is an amalgamation of Australia and the UK.  The scenery here is much prettier and quaint than Oz, the weather is more unpredictable than Melbourne and everything feels much more compact as opposed to far from anything like it can in Australia.

I'm staying with more members of my huge, global family.  It's one of the benefits of being from a huge family - you have relatives everywhere!  My great aunt and her son live in Remuera and this is the view from the top of the hill they live on:

1 Nov 2013

People I Met And Liked In Australia

There is one single thing (or multiple, rather) that has made my stay in Melbourne worthwhile: people.  People I've met briefly, people I've become close friends with, even people I didn't like.  They've all chipped in to make my third trip away the best one yet.

In an ode to the many, many laughs I've had across Melbourne, here are a few photographic memories of people I met and liked in Australia.