28 Oct 2013

A Quirk Of Fate - Kuwaii Launch Party

Last week Marlee and I had a second blogging excursion to go, this time it was the Kuwaii Launch at A Quirk Of Fate.  A Quirk Of Fate is located in Northcote about a fifteen minute train ride from the CBD.  It's one of those shops that stocks wonderfully quirky and unique trinkets and works closely with local designers and producers.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Vulette who blogs over at Young Red Violets.  It's great meeting other bloggers, it means you can make jokes about hashtags and people will actually laugh!

24 Oct 2013

Chin Chin, Flinders Lane

Chin Chin gets nothing but rave reviews.  Everyone I know who has been there loves it, and plenty more have never made there because you can't book tables and the place is always heaving.  On Tuesday I finally went there with friends.

We only had to wait 40 minutes for a table - perfect length of time to go get a drink - and once seated were quickly occupied by the menu.  I absolutely love the menu, and the website.  I just think the design is fantastic.  Whilst we're on the subject I should mention that they don't actually show the menu on the website so this may mean the menu changes quite regularly.

23 Oct 2013

e.g.etal Jewellery Exhibition, Flinders Lane

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is having a legitimate excuse to go to any kind of event, have a gander, have a free drink and then chat to strangers in a swanky venue.  Tonight was exactly that.  Marlee at String Of Events got invited to attend an exhibition of some new and current jewellery designs at e.g.etal on Flinders Lane.  She was allowed to bring a plus one and so of course picked me.

We arrived a little late but that didn't matter, the venue was small so it was easy to to get around all of the collections.  I don't really wear a lot of jewellery out here, I left the vast majority of it in the UK because I was too scared to risk losing anything - my rings are all inherited from grandparents and great aunts so they're very sentimental.  Being at this event made me miss jewellery terribly, is that shallow?

Before I get to showing you pictures of the actual jewellery, here's something arguably more important. There was free Hendricks on offer (and they got it right by serving it with cucumber):

Spot the gin

22 Oct 2013

La Belle Miette

I've been meaning to blog about this place since I arrived in Melbourne almost a year ago, literally.  Better late than never.  They have a few stores in and around Melbourne but the one on Hardware Lane is the one I always visit.  La Belle Miette is a macaron cafĂ©, you can get coffee and/or macarons and that's it!

I like La Belle Miette because it's simple, really pretty and the macarons are delicious.  Apparently though, according to a French person I know, the name is French, but they wouldn't normally be put together.  Each macaron is between 2 and 3 dollars each and they are handed to you in the most beautiful little boxes.

I was having a bad blogger day and forgot to bring my camera.  Luckily Marlee very kindly let me use her SLR, which I definitely didn't complain about.

20 Oct 2013

'Brawl In the Bierhaus' At Thousand Pound Bend

So wrestling isn't something I'd normally follow or go to see live, but the sound of this event reminded me of Jack Black's film Nacho Libre so expecting a lot of entertainment I decided to go along.  Thousand Pound Bend is a cafe in the CBD on Little Lonsdale and at the back is a warehouse space used for all sorts of events.  Markets, blogger networking.... and wrestling.  This event was hosted by Wrestleclash and was called 'Brawl In The Bierhaus', celebrating Oktoberfest.

Upon arrival the first three things I noticed were the ring, beer and sausages.  They'd gone all out, there was 'authentic' German music playing and the commentator looked like a member of the Von Trap family.

14 Oct 2013

Great Ocean Road - Pt 2

So on Sunday morning we were woken up by the miserable sound of rain drops on our tent.  Determined not to be deterred by bad weather we had had breakfast and packed the tent up in record time.  A shower each later and we'd left the campsite and were on our way to Apollo Bay for another morning snack and a strong coffee.

13 Oct 2013

Great Ocean Road - Pt 1

This weekend I finally got to go down the Great Ocean Road.  Delayed gratification, if you will.  Saturday morning I jumped into Jenn's car and a after a quick check we had the essentials (wine, cider, chocolate, snacks and a tent) we headed straight off.

5 Oct 2013

Yarra Bend Park, Melbourne

On Friday Marlee took me to Yarra Bend Park.  It's about 15 minutes from the CBD (although it took us a little longer than that to get there because we got lost...) and is a beautiful snapshot of Australian terrain.  

There's something about the buildings in parks over here that looks so colonial