12 Sep 2013

The Benefit Of Travel

For Christmas, Kayleigh bought me a book from Lonely Planet called Better Than Fiction.  It's a collection of short, true travel stories from a range of fiction writers and I finally finished reading it last week.  It's a brilliant book, and one quote from one of the stories in particular has stuck with me:

'A few days seeing the world in a different perspective gives you the confidence to face things waiting for you at home'

I love this quote and totally agree.  I feel it applies to me because now I'm ready and raring to get back home and start working towards the things I've wanted to.  Yeah, maybe it did take a little bit longer than 'a few days' for me feel ready to go home but whatever, I've had a really fantastic year.

Melbourne has made me realise I can pretty much survive anywhere, but the place I want to go and survive in is the UK.

My time in Melbourne has been unbelievably busy and hectic, I can't believe I have less than two months left.  In the very beginning at times it was uncertain, stressful, frightening and lonely.  But rather than retreating I stuck it out, realised things weren't as bad as they felt sometimes and now I'm reaping the benefits.  I've made a number of close friends who I'll be keeping for life, in a place I'll never forget.

I'm very much looking forward to coming home, but I'm also sad to be leaving my second one.