20 Sep 2013

My Go To Spots For Internet Comedy

A while ago I wrote this post after a visit to the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne.  Since then I've been making a bigger effort to seek out blogs and youtube channels that are funny.  Fricking funny, if you will.

A lot of people don't really 'get' blogging, vlogging or youtubing (?).  Comedy can be the perfect place to start, everyone 'gets' comedy.

Here are my favourites that I follow most closely.

London Grumblr

I don't even live in London (yet), but the funny thing about this blog is if you are a twenty-something man or woman who sometimes feels mild confusing at life then you will be bound to laugh at something on this blog.

They post almost daily and you can submit your own grumbls.  Follow them on twitter here:  @londongrumblr

Unfortunately I can't seem to embed any of their posts onto my blog so you'll have to head to their site to see what it's all about (click the linked header).

Jenna Marbles

She is essentially the queen of the internet.  Marlee got to MEET her recently in Sydney, read her post here.  She has two youtube channels, one for her videos and one for her vlog (video blog).  Here's one of her more recent videos (by the way, there will be a fair few videos in this post, rather than skipping them I suggest you watch them all.  Then you will be converted).


UK funny guy, recently performed stand up in Edinburgh.

Sam Pepper

Hilarious pranks and you might recognise him from UK Big Brother 2010.  And yes that is Overly Attached Girlfriend in the below video.

(MalumTV as one of the pigeons there)

Which brings me to Laina, aka Overly Attached Girlfriend.  You must have seen her face on the internet at least once.


This girl is adorable and hilarious.  She recently got taken on a trip around Europe with some other youtubers by Busabout, which she dutifully vlogged about.

(yes that's MalumTV, youtubers are like a big happy family these days).

I could go on and on and on and ON but I'll stop here.  These are the channels I check first before any others.  What are you go to spots for internet comedy?