1 Sep 2013

Metaphysical Groove

There are a lot of street performers on Swantston Street in Melbourne.  Some are okay, some are confusing and others a bit annoying.  But there's one group in particular that are amazing and who I always stop and watch no matter what.

I see them approximately twice a week and they're just brilliant.  They're called Metaphysical Groove International and they are fantastic dancers.

Obviously photos aren't going to give you best idea so here are a couple of videos from Youtube as well.

What I like most about watching them is they completely love what they do and aren't afraid to show that.

You can find details of when they busk on their Facebook page here.  If you spot them make sure you take the time to watch them perform, they really are fantastic at what they do.  If you're impressed by them, give them some money or like their Facebook page! Talent like this needs supporting.