11 Sep 2013

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - A Round Up

Fashion week here in Melbourne has been an awesome and exciting time for me.  It's great to celebrate things you love (something which I feel blogs do particularly well), and I love fashion.  I wanted a varied experience from MSFW and during the week I managed a pop up store, a fashion show, a visit to the hub, the students exhibition, an evening shopping at Melbourne Central and the new designers market.

Here is an extensive photo diary of the parts of my week I didn't show you.  I'm genuinely sad MSFW is over, must make it my mission to attend in other cities!

I wasn't the first to ask to photograph this lady's amazing shoes

The above blurry photo is of Jenny Banister.  I aim to be like this when I am in my later years.  

Thanks MSFW, you've been a delight.