6 Sep 2013

Melbourne Central One Day Shopping Festival

A festival for shopping?  A shopping festival?  Really?!  Well, not really.  If you're thinking of people in wellies covered in mud making purchases at Topshop then think again, it wasn't a 'festival'.  Just a good excuse to go shopping.  The vast majority of the stores in Melbourne Central had a one day treat on Thursday 05 Sept, named the One Day Shopping Festival.  From 10am til 10pm various discounts and offers would be available in honour of Spring Fashion Week.  For one day only!  Blimey they know how to pull your heart strings don't they?  I don't usually do shopping hauls blogs, but in the name of MSFW I will.

I had a look around Dotti and Sports Girl but didn't find anything.  A few minutes wandering I almost left, but then I remembered Dangerfield and their hefty stock of Princess Highway garments.  Approximately 23 minutes later I left the store with three new items of clothing that absolutely reeked of bargains!  Here is what I acquired:

I realise it's not the most colourful haul but hey ho.  I got a just-below-the-knee length skirt by Princess Highway.  The cut and material is perfect and makes my tiny frame look vaguely curvy.  Then a plain black tee by Revival.  Doesn't look much but it has a cute pattern on it and fit perfectly, a rarity for me.  It also looks great with the skirt and pants.  Said pants are by Black Friday.  I find I'm going off jeans these days, and pants (or trousers as I should say since I'm a Brit, been here too long) are perfect for warmer weather and much, much comfier than denim.

Luckily for me I have a very busy weekend ahead so plenty of opportunity to wear my new purchases!

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