30 Sep 2013

Back To Mornington

At the start of the year I worked for one of the universities here in Melbourne and met Caitlin.  After I left, Caitlin and I stayed in touch and last weekend I visited her for a second time on the Victorian peninsula - previous post here.  The thing that I have loved about staying in one place for a long time, as opposed to constantly moving when you're backpacking, is that I've been able to meet real locals and make real friends.  Here, I've had so many expats and locals alike invite me into their personal lives with arms wide open.  I feel very lucky and privileged to have experienced this.

20 Sep 2013

My Go To Spots For Internet Comedy

A while ago I wrote this post after a visit to the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne.  Since then I've been making a bigger effort to seek out blogs and youtube channels that are funny.  Fricking funny, if you will.

A lot of people don't really 'get' blogging, vlogging or youtubing (?).  Comedy can be the perfect place to start, everyone 'gets' comedy.

Here are my favourites that I follow most closely.

19 Sep 2013

Gaijin Lunch Bar, Little Bourke

I like to eat Asian food because it is nearly always three things: filling, delicious and cheap.  Gaijin Lunch Bar is no different.  Located on Little Bourke Street in the CBD, this little cafe is cute and rarely over crowded.  It's a perfect spot for a quick lunch or a pre-night out dinner and drinks.  It's very well priced, my lunch including a drink came to about 11 dollars.

15 Sep 2013

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs & Wine Tour

Today I met up with old Uni friend Lucy to venture down the Mornington Peninsula for hot springs and wine tasting.  We booked with Chillax Tours via a deal we found on Living Social.  Our tour guide was the extremely laid back Jason, he took us to the hot springs first for four blissful hours of soaking and lounging, then on to two wineries in the area - T Gallant Winery and Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove.  Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the springs because I didn't want to get my camera wet, but let me tell you they are well worth a visit.  So relaxing and peaceful.

12 Sep 2013

The Benefit Of Travel

For Christmas, Kayleigh bought me a book from Lonely Planet called Better Than Fiction.  It's a collection of short, true travel stories from a range of fiction writers and I finally finished reading it last week.  It's a brilliant book, and one quote from one of the stories in particular has stuck with me:

'A few days seeing the world in a different perspective gives you the confidence to face things waiting for you at home'

I love this quote and totally agree.  I feel it applies to me because now I'm ready and raring to get back home and start working towards the things I've wanted to.  Yeah, maybe it did take a little bit longer than 'a few days' for me feel ready to go home but whatever, I've had a really fantastic year.

Melbourne has made me realise I can pretty much survive anywhere, but the place I want to go and survive in is the UK.

11 Sep 2013

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - A Round Up

Fashion week here in Melbourne has been an awesome and exciting time for me.  It's great to celebrate things you love (something which I feel blogs do particularly well), and I love fashion.  I wanted a varied experience from MSFW and during the week I managed a pop up store, a fashion show, a visit to the hub, the students exhibition, an evening shopping at Melbourne Central and the new designers market.

Here is an extensive photo diary of the parts of my week I didn't show you.  I'm genuinely sad MSFW is over, must make it my mission to attend in other cities!

10 Sep 2013

Lady Petrova, Melbourne

Last weekend Marlee and I soaked up the last magical dregs of MSFW by visiting the new designers market, the student art exhibition and Lady Petrova's store off Flinders Lane.  I'm giving Lady Petrova her own post because... well, she's awesome.  I was feeling a bit panicky as I really want to purchase something from her store, if anything just as a Melbourne keep sake.  Luckily for me, she told me her new online store will be opening soon so I don't have to scramble together the dollars before I fly back to the UK.

7 Sep 2013

Pocketto - A Coffee Table Book To Remember #MSFW

We all know that one of the best things about attending events is goodie bags.  When Marlee and I attended the Pop It launch party last week, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a fashion photography book as part of our freebie gift.  After some extensive research (i.e. googling) I learnt that Pocketto is actually a magazine and we had received it's first official issue!

6 Sep 2013

Melbourne Central One Day Shopping Festival

A festival for shopping?  A shopping festival?  Really?!  Well, not really.  If you're thinking of people in wellies covered in mud making purchases at Topshop then think again, it wasn't a 'festival'.  Just a good excuse to go shopping.  The vast majority of the stores in Melbourne Central had a one day treat on Thursday 05 Sept, named the One Day Shopping Festival.  From 10am til 10pm various discounts and offers would be available in honour of Spring Fashion Week.  For one day only!  Blimey they know how to pull your heart strings don't they?  I don't usually do shopping hauls blogs, but in the name of MSFW I will.

I had a look around Dotti and Sports Girl but didn't find anything.  A few minutes wandering I almost left, but then I remembered Dangerfield and their hefty stock of Princess Highway garments.  Approximately 23 minutes later I left the store with three new items of clothing that absolutely reeked of bargains!  Here is what I acquired:

5 Sep 2013

Made In Melbourne @ MSFW

I wouldn't say I'm the most fashionably dressed person on planet earth, but what I would say is that I love clothes.  I really appreciate a good outfit, either on myself or other people.  I love people watching and one of my favourite blogs is The Sartorialist.  As for shopping, I am never EVER done (and never will be).  So when the ever informed Marlee at String Of Events invited me to the Made In Melbourne runway show I instantly said yes.  It showcases Melburnian designers only, so it's a great event for local talent.

I've never been to a runway show before so I was extremely a tad excited.  It was held on Siddeley Street overlooking the Yarra, a beautiful spot especially in the evening.

We arrived, checked in, got drinks, nabbed good seats and waited for the show to start.

2 Sep 2013

POP IT #MSFW, Melbourne

Today saw the beginning of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (that's #MSFW to you Twitter), something I have been very excited about for a long time.  Unfortunately I can't go to as much as I would like because I have to, like, work and eat and sleep, but you know, I'll fit in what I can.  This evening Marlee (String Of Events) and I went to the grand opening of Pop It at the Kitten Club on Little Collins Street.  It's a pop up event that's here all week, showcasing the latest lovely garments from a range of Aussie designers.

The thing I love most about Australian fashion is that it's fun.  It takes risks and isn't afraid to say, you know what I would just love?  Some dinosaurs on my knickers, that's what.

1 Sep 2013

Metaphysical Groove

There are a lot of street performers on Swantston Street in Melbourne.  Some are okay, some are confusing and others a bit annoying.  But there's one group in particular that are amazing and who I always stop and watch no matter what.

I see them approximately twice a week and they're just brilliant.  They're called Metaphysical Groove International and they are fantastic dancers.