31 Aug 2013

#HeroSubs, Melbourne

Working in a city centre is tough, particularly if you want to maintain a reasonably healthy diet and lifestyle.  It can be so easy to just hop on a tram instead of walking, and even easier to not bother bringing your own lunch and just grabbing something quick, easy and full of fat and salt instead.

We've all been there, particularly on a day when you haven't had the motivation to bring in a healthy lunch or on a Friday just as you finish work.  You need to eat something to get through the afternoon or before you sip a glass of wine, but your options are generally going to be fries, burgers or both.  You're going to get serious guilt after eating these and quite rightly so.  

Luckily for me, Hero Subs has just opened across the road from work in Melbourne.  They're everything the Subway chain should be but just isn't.  That is, their bread is soft and fresh, their fillings are cooked not frozen and their standard is generally brilliant with a few little quirks here and there - most notably the sub boxes which are designed to look a bit like Nike shoe boxes.  Here you'll be pleasantly surprised, and I for one know that every time I've eaten at Subway (usually when I'm slightly inebriated), I've been bitterly disappointed.

The menu is simple, concise and riddled with hashtags (big blogger thumbs up there).  A work colleague alerted me to their existence and insisted I blog about them, so for the good of Melburnians everywhere I decided to sample them on their first week.

First time round I went for the #Throwback, partly because my last Subway was a meatball one and it was disgusting.  This was anything but disgusting.  Big, soft and freshly cooked veal, pork, orange & fennel meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, with spinach and slices of parmesan.  It was very messy and very delicious.  Sadly, I got so enthralled with eating it that I totally forgot to take any photos, so I vowed to go back.  Which I did, just a couple of days later.

It was a Friday, I needed a filling snack before going for a celebratory Friday beverage.  I picked the Italian bread pocket, with smoky bacon, creamy scrambled egg and tomato relish.  It was delicious.

Oh is that not close up enough?  I do apologise, here.

The reason I like Hero Subs is because it ticks all the guilty food pleasure boxes, but it's actually good, homemade food.  It's not heated in a microwave, it's made with love and care and you don't need to feel guilty after eating it.  You gave your body something decent AND delicious, well done.

Now I have the perfect go to spot for days when I can't be bothered and for when I need to put something decent in my belly before a few Friday bevvies.  Also, if you're a student at RMIT then whaddya know it's right behind your campus.... get involved!

As if all this wasn't enough their website is brilliant, and they've already set up a couple of hashtags for happy customers to use.  If you visit Hero Subs and like it, then tweet what you ate, or tweet #RMITHero or #HeroSubs to help #spreadlove.  I'm hungry after writing this.

entry via Stewart Street
RMIT Building 80
445 Swanston Street
03 9995 4655