31 Jul 2013

MoVida, Melbourne

There are two MoVida tapas restaurants in Melbourne.  There's a big one off Bourke Street (towards the Southern Cross end of the city).  Then there's the original one tucked down Hosier Lane.  Both serve unbelievable food.
My housemate and cousin Ben took me to MoVida in March for my birthday.  A last minute decision, we ended up at the one on Bourke because Hosier Lane was fully booked.  The food was incredible.  Hooked by the food, and intrigued by how much everyone talks about the original restaurant on Hosier, I was determined to go back.  So tonight Ben, Penny and I had tapas at MoVida.

It is quintessential Melbourne.  Tucked down an alley that is plastered in graffiti, the interior is dark, warm and completely inviting.  I feel that the bigger branch off Bourke has less character than this one, but the food and service standards are still the same.  Go to Bourke for a birthday party or works do, go to Hosier for a quiet and memorable meal with friends.

So I can't remember everything that we ordered, but in amongst there was the beef cheek again (just as good as I remember), pork neck with plums and a pâté very similar to foie gras.  We also had a steak tartare with croutons, pork tails, prawns and desserts.  Take a look:

Just LOOK at that.
I've never had foie gras but I want to after eating this.  So rich.

Behold above, the mighty slow roasted beef cheek with cauliflower puree.  This dish is unreal, the meat is impossibly soft and melts in your mouth.  It's worth coming here just for this in my opinion.

For dessert Ben went for churros (Spanish donuts) and chocolate sauce.  Whilst Penny and I chose the chocolate bread with ice cream.  Delicious and surprisingly light.

MoVida isn't cheap, so if you want to eat the entire menu (as we did on my birthday) be prepared to spend a lot.  That said, I left feeling 'just right' this evening and we only spent about 60-70 dollars each, pretty good for a full meal with drinks.

Interestingly, the owner of MoVida Frank Camorra is also the same guy who has appeared on Masterchef Australia!  That counts for something definitely.  Read his updates on the website's blog here.

Personally, I think an ideal way to soak up the Melbournian feel here if you're short on time is to have dinner at MoVida and then finish the evening with a night cap at Gin Palace (read my blog post on this wonderful cocktail lounge here).  Both easy to find, close to the main parts of the city and not necessarily crawling with tourists either.