28 May 2013

Fit For Travel

I find one of the most exciting parts of travelling is the planning and preparation that goes in beforehand.  I love nothing more than browsing backpacks and travel gadgets in Go Outdoors or Blacks (okay, I admit, I love nothing than browsing ANY shop.  Screw you) or stumbling across a really useful gadget to add to my packing list.  Then there's also the more boring things to sort out, like letting your bank know where you're going (to learn why you should not forget this, read a previous post of mine here), organising insurance and ... getting vaccinated!  Nearly forgot about that did you?  It's easily done.

A couple of weeks ago fellow temp and pom N was telling me about her planned trip to Vietnam at work (great work ethic right there).  We discussed the various things to see and do there, and I told her story after story of my own time in South East Asia this being the first time she had gone.  Then I mentioned how lucky I was to get a load of doxycycline for free as an anti-malarial drug.  At which point the smile from N's face vanished and she suddenly went 'Crap, injections'.

With only a week until her flight, she was really lucky to get herself sorted in time.  I showed her a website I always use to find out exactly what she needed to get done.  It then occurred to me to blog about it.

It's called Fit For Travel and is from the NHS.  The two things I like most about it are it is updated very regularly and it gives each country a 'Malaria Map' to show you where the risk is highest.

On the homepage simply select 'destinations' from the tab menu and select where you're headed.

As well as these handy maps, the website gives you lists of recommended immunisations for each destination and health alerts too.  For example, if there's been an outbreak of flu or even Dengue fever somewhere, this site will tell you.  Sometimes these things are worth knowing!

So if you're going overseas soon and know you'll need jabs and medication, go here first to decide exactly what you do and don't need.