5 May 2013


I'm suffering from a bit of inner turmoil at the moment.  I'm really enjoying living and working in Melbourne, but as ever my travel feet are itching and just won't give it up.  On top of that I'm also going through a new phase of homesickness.  Now that I've been away for more than six months home is on my mind every single day.  Not just my family and friends, but everything about England that I love.  So with all this in mind I'm trying to decide what my next move should be.  I'm all for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and all that, but at the same time I also think that I should be able to say no to something if I really don't want to do it.

I have a number of paths I could go down right now.  At the moment, I'm waiting to hear if my current employer will sponsor me. I should find out next week.  If they say yes then I need to consider how long I can really see myself staying here for.  If they say no, I have another two options available.  Option one is to go and do three months in regional Australia, picking fruit or doing farm work in order to gain a second working holiday visa.  The other option is to just stay in Melbourne and leave in November when my visa ends.

I'm worried that if I leave in November with no second year eligibility I'll regret it, and then there'll be nothing I can do about it.  But I'm equally worried that if I postpone the return home another year I'll regret not coming back sooner.  I also really, really do not want to do the farm work.  Absolutely nothing about it appeals to me and I think it's a ridiculous requirement.  Should I force myself to do it or just stick to what I want?  Do I even want to stay here another year or do I just feel that's what I should do because I've got the opportunity to?  The thought of just taking off in November and travelling somewhere new is greatly appealing.  There's also the fact that my original plan was to work in Melbourne for six to nine months then go and do the same in New Zealand, should I go back to that?

The things I'm certain of are:
I do not want to miss another Christmas at home.
I want to see/travel New Zealand
I love living in Melbourne and am not ready to leave just yet

What do you think I should do?