25 Apr 2013

Trinket Hunting, Coffee Drinking And Beach Walking

Recently I visited two markets with Marlee from String Of Events, we went to the Finders Keepers Market in the amazing Exhibition building in Carlton, and Camberwell Market in ... well, Camberwell.

The Finders Keepers Market was a very up-market kind of affair, it was great but unfortunately my budgetary constraints that particular week didn't allow me to purchase anything.  I'll just have to go to the next one!  My favourite stall by far was the I Tram Melbourne one, I love their stuff and will be keeping a keen and beady eye on their products.

Camberwell Market was much more up my street in terms of what I'm used to.  It felt very similar to a carboot sale, there were coffee and sandwich vans everywhere, buskers and a world of trinkets and odd little bits and bobs.  Along with lots and lots of clothes too of course!  I didn't buy anything this time round but I'll definitely be going back for a few more browsing sessions, plus this is the sort of market where just wandering around is fun in itself.  Here are some pictures from both, starting with Camberwell:

Marlee's hand getting stuck in

13 Apr 2013

'Web Comedy: The New Joke?'

Today I revisited The Wheeler Centre.  It's located by the side of the State Library on Little Lonsdale Street and todays talk was focused around the internet, social media platforms and comedy (with it being the comedy festival).  On the guest panel they had Youtuber Alex Williamson, stand up Jennifer Wong, podcaster Tommy Dassalo and comedy production bigwig Sam Kinken.

7 Apr 2013

The Six Month Mark

I have now been living in Melbourne for six whole months.  It's gone by unbelievably quickly.  I've made new friends, reconnected with some old ones (it's a small world!), had an amazing working experience in the CBD, had a fair bit of luck and discovered that there is more to Melbourne than I could have imagined.  This really is a fantastic city to live in.

The Australia Day parade at Federation Square