22 Mar 2013

How To Deal With Post Travel Withdrawals

You step off the plane and you feel the pinch of cold weather again.  It doesn't matter, in fact you feel affectionate towards the weather you have been missing because you're still on top of the world after one of the best experiences of your entire life.  Travelling.  You will tell your children and grandchildren all about it one day, but for now you cannot wait to tell your family and friends.  You've been reinvented, you have a new attitude and you can't wait to apply it to life back home.

So many moments of pure joy and elation!

4 Mar 2013

Toulouse-Lautrec, Kangaroos And Greyhound

Last weekend Kayleigh and I took a long planned trip to Canberra.  My mum's best friend now lives there with her family and being keen culture vultures we were desperate to see the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition that is being held there.  Two perfectly good excuses to visit the city that receives a fair amount of bad press!

Unfortunately, the only form of transport we could really afford was a Greyhound coach.  The trains were quite expensive and took a ridiculous amount of changes and the flights were extortionate.  So on Friday when the clock hit five we grabbed a bite to eat in Fed Square and headed straight to Southern Cross for a long and uncomfortable coach journey.