23 Jan 2013

Things I Think The UK Should Copy From Australia

I love the UK.  The UK will always be my true home.  I love the small windy streets, the countryside, the architecture, the dialects and accents and the relentless melancholy that comes with being from this wonderful little country.  

But there are a few things here in Australia that I think we should adopt.  A few changes here and there that would make day to day life that bit nicer and easier.  To be perfectly honest, I don't understand why these changes haven't already been made, seems absolute madness to me.  Maybe pride of our own ways got in the way?  Time to get over it, the Aussies are on to a few things here.

1.  Waterproof monetary notes
I'm pretty sure the reason the notes here are waterproof is to do with surfing, but the amount of times I have put a fiver through the wash at home!  Seriously, it's a no-brainer, make it waterproof!

2.  Receipt bins at cash points
Or to use the Latin as they do here, ATMs.  I came across one today and immediately thought 'Wow!  What an incredibly sensible idea!  Why on earth don't we have these at home?'*

3. Bins on public buses
Getting the bus at home is annoying enough as it is, but even more so when you have to move an empty packet of quavers from your seat to the already heavily littered floor with your own hands.  Well here in Australia they put a bin at the front of the bus, with sort of tape around it to stop it moving around.  I'll admit it's a bit makeshift, but it's a lot more forward thinking than our lot!  Not a wrapper to be seen!

4. Local radio on public buses
What a marvellous idea!  Deters youths from playing their crap music at full volume and generally perks everyone up a bit.  

5.  Visa paywave
This has revolutionised the way I pay for stuff by card.  Not sure it's so great if your card gets knicked as it's then incredibly easy for the thief to do their grocery shopping with your money.

And finally .... *drum roll*
The tale of bread at home is one of woe.  You buy a loaf, open it, have some pleasant peanut butter on toast or whatever tickles your fancy.  Then when you close the bag a miserable battle ensues which I like to call the I-wish-there-was-an-easier-way-to-close-my-bread-bag battle.  The sticky plastic either rips, loses it stick or disappears altogether.  It's okay once you get halfway through the loaf because then you can just wrap it up, but until then and unless you have plastic clips you will have to endure a slightly dry and stiff slice of bread or two.
But not down under, not in the land of dreams.  Here loaves of bread come with with a hard, square piece of plastic in which there is an incision.  Through this incision fits the neck of your bread bag.  It clips on and clips off with the greatest of ease.  Your bread remains fresh forever (please note that's probably not true).
I am so passionate about this ingenious design that I am considering writing to a local MP about it when I get home.  It really is silly for us to go on with the sticky plastic hell we've been living for generations.

*I am aware that we may have these at home ... my point is they should be installed at ALL cash points.  To make my life easy.

DISCLAIMER: Some words in this post may be a joke.