28 Jan 2013

Follow The Leader Cafe, Ripponlea

I think it's generally pretty difficult to find a bad cafe in Melbourne.  This was my first visit to a cafe that wasn't in the CBD, and I've heard it's only a month or two old.  It's right next to Ripponlea station, a short walk from Acland Street and the St Kilda botanical gardens.

23 Jan 2013

Things I Think The UK Should Copy From Australia

I love the UK.  The UK will always be my true home.  I love the small windy streets, the countryside, the architecture, the dialects and accents and the relentless melancholy that comes with being from this wonderful little country.  

But there are a few things here in Australia that I think we should adopt.  A few changes here and there that would make day to day life that bit nicer and easier.  To be perfectly honest, I don't understand why these changes haven't already been made, seems absolute madness to me.  Maybe pride of our own ways got in the way?  Time to get over it, the Aussies are on to a few things here.

11 Jan 2013

January Blues ... With A Big Helping Of Sun

Bravely marching into 2013.  In flip flops.
I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever had what they call 'January Blues', or 'Inevitable New Year Despair' (do they call it that?  No?).  That said, it has been a very welcome and refreshing change to have lovely weather in January.  Normally it'd be relentless drizzle followed by heavy, icy snow hell bent on ruining all attempts to get to work.

5 Jan 2013

Manchester Press, Melbourne

Manchester Press is an awesome little cafe hidden away down Rankins Lane.  Rankins Lane is off Little Bourke Street, the part that sits between Queen Street and Elizabeth Street.  I've been there only a handful of times but the coffee, food and service have always been great.

The reason I like Manchester Press so much is that the feel of the place reminds me of why I wanted to come back to Melbourne in the first place.  It's cool, quite frankly.

1 Jan 2013

Two Months On

I have now been in Melbourne for almost two months.  Time passes at a frightening rate, and things change with time too.  Melbourne doesn't feel foreign anymore.  There's still a lot to the city I've yet to see and do, but it's no longer urgent to do so.  It's like being asked if I've visited certain parts of the UK by locals here, my reply is often no.  When you live somewhere the novelty in a way disappears, but I think that's a good thing.  You see so much more by living somewhere.

Christmas was spent in Wandong with Mick's family, four relaxing days of food, wine, sun and more food.    For NYE I was reunited with the majority of my university housemates who all happen to be at this end of the world.  The fireworks in the city were incredible!