6 Dec 2012

The Ducklands

So this may or may not actually be about an area of a certain city (may or may not be Melbourne), the name of which sounds very similar to The Ducklands.  I'll leave you to try and figure it out.

The Docklands, Melbourne.  Which I suppose sounds kind of similar to The Ducklands

From what I can see, signs and magazines seem to want you to go to The Ducklands.  Locals all say don't bother.  I went there out of curiosity and the only words I can muster up to describe it are desolate and obselete.  Not a great start is it?  The place reeks of the ugly side of consumerism and completely lacks any character or soul.  In the great city of Melbourne (may or may not be a random example), character and soul are what make the streets of the CBD and many of the suburbs so great.  Without character and soul you've got nothing.

A totally unrelated picture of a duck
The other problem with The Ducklands is its location.  Why would anyone want to traipse to a part of a city that is at the opposite end to everything good?  Literally, everything.  It makes no sense.  Then of course there's The Eye.  Like The London Eye, only it doesn't actually work.  I've heard a few amusing stories about this ferris wheel of doom.  The short of it is a lot of money has been lost over building something that buckled and now sits miserably behind The Ducklands, like a constant reminder to patrons to leave.

The entrance to the shopping mall.  This is how busy it was when I visited.
You might wonder why I'm being so harsh about this place that may or may not be real.  Well, say it is in Melbourne, I think it doesn't belong here.  Having lived here for three weeks now I feel that Melbourne is a place for art, culture, coffee and creativity.  As I said before, Melbourne is all about character and soul.