8 Dec 2012

Prahran Market, Melbourne

My housemate Russ is from Manchester, UK.  He has lived here for over four years though, so considers himself almost local.  The benefits of living with a local are that you discover hidden gems far quicker than you would on your own, if at all.  Today I was invited to go with Russ and his son to Prahran Market.  Something I had never heard of, but they told me there would be free sausage samples, so I agreed to go.

It's a market, but a good one.  I'm glad I was introduced to it and even more glad that I got to see a new part of Melbourne's suburbs.  Chapel Street goes on a lot more than I had initially realised!


Mmm chocolate torsade, washed down with pomegranate and apple juice!

I will definitely be returning to this market for some fresh produce and free sausage samples (they were so good).  It was great to find a place that has an essence of community.  Going by my first impressions Prahran seems to be a nice mix of the class of South Yarra and the character of Brunswick Street, can't wait to explore more!