6 Nov 2012

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern - Book

It's been a very long time since I've written about a book.  I bought this so that I had something to read on the plane over to Australia.  Naturally, I started reading as soon as it arrived at the end of October and had finished it within a few days.

It's really important for me that a book captures me within the first few paragraphs.  Some books I persevere with but generally, if I don't feel that initial spark I'll lose interest and won't finish reading it.  The Night Circus has the spark in the first chapter and right the way through.  It is enchanting, enticing and thoroughly exciting.  Each chapter gives you a fresh twist to sink your readers into. 

I was hooked within the first few words, never mind sentences.  I love the way it is written, it moves through the story back and forth, stealthily with a lot of grace and plenty of mystery.  It was a very visual book, I was continuously constructing the characters and their surroundings in my mind.  Some parts I read more than once just to make sure I was absorbing every last detail.  This novel doesn't make the reading easy, you have to remember small things as they become clear or important later on in the story - I relish this in a story.  To the point where I want to tell anyone near me what I finally understand, but have to remind myself that they're not reading it with me.

My favourite character is Celia.  As for my least favourite, I would say Hector but I find him so intriguing.  I find all the characters in this book intriguing, many of them are far from nice but have that many eccentric qualities that you can't help but like something about them.

I was absolutely gutted to reach the end of this book, I've never been so sad that something is over!  It's a beautifully conducted orchestra of words, with countless twists and parallel events each threatening to tip the balance of the magical circus.  This book is a puzzle and provides you with plenty of opportunities to fit new pieces together, until eventually you have the entire tale assembled before you.  I am thinking about reading it again!

It would make a fantastic gift for someone or just a gift for yourself!  I cannot recommend it enough, just like the clock built by Herr Thiessen (who you can follow on twitter), it is dreamlike.  You can purchase the book here.

I've heard that this book will be made into a film, I cannot wait to see it!