29 Nov 2012

Living The Blog

After planning this trip for so long, it's quite a strange feeling to, y'know, actually be here!  I've zipping about and doing everything I can to settle into the Melbourne way of life.  So far so good.

28 Nov 2012

Suzuki Night Market (Queen Victoria), Melbourne

I am now a South Yarra resident.  It's a gorgeous suburb nestled between Albert Park and the Botanical Gardens.  A few tram stops from St Kilda and a few foot steps from Melbourne CBD.  Locals have told me it's the Kensington of Melbourne, from what I saw on my stroll to the supermarket today I would have to agree with them.  I felt like I was in a scene of Notting Hill Down Under (someone should make this film).  I feel very lucky to be here.

Today, after a lovely chicken curry cooked by myself, Kayleigh and I went to the night market at the top of Elizabeth Street.  We were very good and didn't spend a single penny, but we enjoyed wandering around taking snaps nonetheless.  The market was filled with people, food, trinkets, clothes and promise.

I apologise for the appalling quality of some of the pictures, I had two glasses of wine with my dinner.

27 Nov 2012

The Initial Panic Period

Having just started my third trip abroad, it is clear to me now that the general insecurity and vulnerability some people feel in the first few days never gets any easier.  You might know the feeling - your mojo has unexpectedly gone AWOL and you just don't feel like yourself.  All you can think about is how far away from home you are.  I recently wrote this guest post for Manu at My 1st Impressions.  After that experience I expected to feel fine second time around, but I didn't.  Arriving in Kuala Lumpur a year later I felt the same uneasy feeling of not really knowing what to do or why I was there.

26 Nov 2012

A Blogger Lunch

The power of the internet and social media never ceases to amaze and excite me.  Twitter in particular is a network which I find incredible.  Before I joined it I had no idea how huge the online world was, particularly for travel blogging and other types of blogging.  There is a massive and refreshingly welcoming online community, and it amazes me how you can be connected with people you would never connect with if it weren't for these networks.

23 Nov 2012

Melbourne In Pictures #1

Pictures!  This barely scratches the surface, but now that I have my bearings I am going to take my camera out with me more often.  Note the Christmas decorations in the first picture, it feels wrong in such warm weather!  It's like living in a spot the difference picture, or as Ollie said, coming home and all the doors opening the wrong way.  Same same, but different.  I think it throws you off more when things are very similar to home but not quite the same, as opposed to somewhere like South East Asia where everything is different.  You look once and think oh it's the same, then you look twice and think no it isn't.

22 Nov 2012

Melbourne: Week One

So I've been here a week and have neglected this blog in a way that I never thought I would.  I'm very sorry, but I have been busy.

16 Nov 2012

RTW Packing List: My Ultimate Tips

A blog post from down under!  I am very busy at the moment getting myself settled and set up, so in the mean time to tide you over, feast your beady blog eyes on this.

Rather than going through everything I pack etc, I have just picked out a few tips and items that I have grown to love and rely on whilst backpacking.  They're in no particular order and are guaranteed to make your life on the road much easier.

6 Nov 2012

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern - Book

It's been a very long time since I've written about a book.  I bought this so that I had something to read on the plane over to Australia.  Naturally, I started reading as soon as it arrived at the end of October and had finished it within a few days.

2 Nov 2012

See You On The Other Side

This is almost it, just about a week to go until I fly over to lands afar.  The next time I blog I will be in Melbourne, preferably loving life rather than sobbing in a rut of homesickness and insecurity, oh how we laugh.  When I first arrive it will be difficult for me to write regular, decent blog posts as I'll be extremely jet lagged, busy, dazed and most likely confused.  So if you want more instant access to my adventures and outings you can follow me on:

Twitter - @Frances_M_B
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(I'm very imaginative in my username choice)

I will be updating these networks daily, so make sure you follow all and get your friends to as well!  You can also subscribe to my blog if you wish to receive email updates.

In the meantime I'll hope that I can get plenty of sleep on the plane over, just like this fellow: