12 Oct 2012

Travel Plans

Amidst all of the planning and preparing, the farewells and nerves, behind all of the general chaos that precedes a long term trip, my inner travel bug is twitching her travel nose frantically.  She has woken up and she can sense an adventure just around the corner.  When I initially arrived back from Asia last year she was alive and full of energy, but slowly as I began to settle back into 'normal' life she grew sleepy, drowsy and tired.  Eventually she went into hibernation.

Not anymore.

My initial objective when I get to Melbourne is to get a job and find a place to live.  Whilst hostels really are great, renting a room will be much better long term.  Once that mission is accomplished I will turn my attentions to the following list:

1.  New Year's Eve in Sydney.  Ideally I probably need to book this now, but I don't know what my plans will be.  We'll see, it'd be pretty awesome to say I saw in 2013 at Sydney Habour, but then again I'm quite happy to just say I saw in the New Year in Australia.

2.  Great Ocean Road.  I have friends who will be residing in Geelong so hopefully I will get to explore this famous route.

3.  Wine.  I am going to a wine valley.

4.  Tasmania.  I am going to Tasmania.

5.  Perth.  Yes it's quite far away, but it's a city I really want to visit.  I have a friend who lives nearby (well, six hours away) with her boyfriend so will make use of the contacts!

After that I'm open to suggestions!

Will I see you again soon?!