15 Oct 2012

Outfit Post: The Backpacker Edition

Packing for a long term trip.  It's stressful.  Particularly if like me you have the uncontrollable need to pack for every possible occasion humanly imaginable.  To set the scene on how difficult it can be for some girls to pack, watch this video first:

As you can see it's very tough choosing what to take as the possibilities are quite literally endless, even tougher when instead of a vast suitcase all you have is a backpack.  Not only is it more limited in space, you have to carry everything on your feeble little back.  Thinking twice about taking your wellington boots now aren't you.

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking why don't I just take a suitcase.  Well if you need to ask that question there's no point in you even being here.  GET OUT.

 Back to the matter in hand.  Sensible packing needs to be done and planning is required, otherwise you will start to get really stressed out and you might look like this:

My packing face
But you must power through!  If you don't you could risk forgetting something really important like your pants and then you'll be in the middle of a jungle trek and you'll suddenly realise in horror that you have no pants and you might look like this:

My trekking face.  Nb. I can confirm that I am in fact wearing pants in this photo.
Fear not friends, I am here to help.  Someone once told me that when planning a trip the best rule of thumb is to halve your packing list and double your budget.  Double your budget, yeah, makes good monetary sense to me.  Halve my packing my packing list.  No.  Just no.  Are you sick in the head?  What do you think this is, some sort of hideous 25 litre challenge?!

I am a girl who loves fashion and style.  You can see from this Pinterest board that I lust after a wide range of crap.  So in a bid to help ye fellow lady backpack'r, here is an initial glimpse into some of the clothes, accessories and toiletries I am taking with me to Australia.  We'll be starting with clothes, accessories etc will come later.  First on the list is of course pants, but I'll save us all a lot of embarrassment by not including a photo of that.  Moving swiftly on, cue awkward posing...

First and foremost, I want something that can be worn in loooads of different ways.  I got this belter from American Apparel, she folds up really small and is very soft.  On top of this the website has a little video tutorial on all the different ways you can wear it (idiots like me rely on things like that).  Alex over at Travel Fashion Girl also has plenty of other options for you to peruse.

Next is the all important maxi skirt.  How did I LIVE before I had a maxi skirt?  They are particularly excellent at shielding your lovely pins from mosquito bites.  I bought this at Primark, sadly it was a couple of years ago so they no longer sell it.

Boots.  Yes, I am going to Australia.  But it does get slightly cold there sometimes!  Also, I love boots.  So narrowing it down to one pair is one of the greatest achievements of my life.  These will be great for wearing in the evenings too when I'm sipping cocktails (goon) and taking in the bright city lights (falling over).
This pair are from New Look, bought almost a year ago.

On a side note have you seen my calve muscle in the first boot picture?  I had better keep up the running or it won't continue to looks so sturdy.

I got this Henry Holland dress for NINE  POUNDS in the sale 

I don't feel awkward at all
Lots of tops, shorts and dresses because I'm a f*cking lady  the best part is it's okay to take loads because they fold up into tiny proportions.

From top to bottom:
Dress - Henry Holland at Debenhams (in the sale £9)
Dress - Dorothy Perkins (in the sale £15)
Dress - Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market, Bangkok (about two quid)
Top - H&M (£4)
Shorts - H&M (£8)
Top - No idea, I'm sure you're desperate to find out where a black vest came from though
Beach shorts - Primark (£4)

Clothes wise, I keep it simple and pick things that are very thin - you can take more and thin materials are always best for warm climates.  Tis a no brainer.

Next time we'll peruse my accessories.  Not just fashion accessories, oh no, the spork and head torch will be making an appearance too!