10 Oct 2012

Hair, Skin And Beauty

Toiletries and cosmetics.  A shopping department narnia that I find myself lost in so regularly.  I genuinely believe that if I was forced to choose between toiletries and clothes I would wave goodbye to clothes (it would be a difficult farewell nonetheless).

Over the past year I've been trying out a number of different products in an attempt to discover something that suits me down to the ground.  I hate having an over complicated routine, it stresses me out and I also think that where my skin is concerned the less I put it through the better.  I like to keep things simple.

A few months I go I was on a train to London to meet up with some friends and go shopping.  Across the isle a woman was excitedly telling her friend about a new skin care range she had discovered and how it had changed her skin.  She spoke of a cleanser that doubled up as a make-up remover, and was removed with a muslin cloth which also acted as a light exfoliator.  Practically a three in one!  She then said seriously how gentle but deep cleaning it was on her skin.

I have very oily skin, so I find that most exfoliating products dry my skin out and make it even more oily and irritable.  I also don't like to use loads of different products on it.  With all this in mind I quietly asked the lady what brand she was talking about, whipping out my phone at the same time to record the details.  She very kindly told me it was by Liz Earle, available online or at John Lewis.  I bought mine at John Lewis.

Within a few weeks I had bought the starter kit and was carefully cleansing and polishing my face twice a day.  I even put on a full face of make up one day to test its make up removing capabilties.  I can now happily say I am a Liz Earle convert.  I love, love, love this cleanser.  It smells good and feels good.  My skin looked clearer and felt calmer within a week of using this product.  I have yet to try the toner (still got a full bottle of my previous brand, don't want to throw it away).  I may try the night moisturiser at some point too, I've heard great things about the day moisturiser but it doesn't have SPF protection which is something I always look for - especially with a move to Australia just around the corner.  

Moisturiser is my next topic.  Again, with oily skin I've had a constant struggle to find something that doesn't just make my skin even more oily!  I could list all the different moisturisers I've tried over the years but we'd be here for a loooong time.  Instead, I will tell you about the one for me. Yes, finally I have a moisturiser that I will stick with.  It was my friend Rachel's mother who suggested it to me as she has used the brand for years.

My skin looks brighter and happier every time I use this stuff, and I like that it has protection against the sun. Over the years I've tried cheaper products and with this experience under my belt I would always say spend more when it comes to your skin!  You've only got one body and you've got to live in it for your whole life so it makes sense to really look after it.

The final product I want to share with you is a hair product.  I love my hair, I like treating it well.  In a bid to keep it ultra soft, I don't own a pair of hair straighteners and I very rarely blow dry it.  I'm a sucker for leave in conditioners and smoothing serums.  I visited a friend in Leicester earlier this year and noticed immediately that her hair looked brighter, shinier and softer.  She told me she had started using Moroccan Oil.


This stuff isn't cheap at roughly £30 a bottle but my gosh is it worth it.  Personally, I find it works better on dry hair but it can be used on wet hair too, and it smells delicious!  I've just finished a bottle and it lasted me just under six months, I think that's good considering I have used it every day.  However, I can't really justify spending that much on a new bottle so have opted for a cheaper option to take with me to Melbourne.


The Body Shop Beautifying Oil.  I opted for Strawberry.  I chose this because it's only £9 and I can use it on my skin as well as my hair - great for beautifying my (currently very white) legs which will hopefully make a regular appearance in the warm weather.

So there you go, four products which I highly recommend you give a try.  I've never done a beauty post before so I'd love some feedback if you have any!  I decided to give it try because I love talking about this sort of stuff anyway and I find proper beauty blogs so useful for discovering new products.