8 Oct 2012

Festive Blighty

Whilst I can't wait to be soaked in sunshine every day, I will definitely always be a blighty bird.  My favourite seasons in the UK are autumn and winter, my favourite time of year is Christmas.  With that time of year just around the corner I keep having to remind myself that I won't be here for it.  I love walking through piles of burnt orange leaves wearing a big, long coat and a pair of boots stuffed with leg warmers, and I also love going for a run through a snow covered field wearing my running gloves and a fleecy hoody.

To me Christmas is about being in good company and sharing good food, nothing else.  Last year my mother and I made various batches of chutney to give out as gifts and she also made her own sloe gin (I didn't help in the production of this, only the consumption, *hiccup*).  I visited four Christmas markets - Birmingham, Manchester, Bath and the one held in my village.  I sent cards to everyone who meant something to me and tried to make each gift I gave personal and unique.  I even brought The Grinch DVD into work for me and my colleagues to watch on one particularly cold day.

I love the whole process of going shopping for gifts and love enjoying a warm Chai latte (Christmas in a cup) in cafes.  Every year we either go to Mass on Christmas eve or go to join in the carols in our village.  We then demolish a cheese board and various other snacks with my grandparents.  We spend Christmas day with my mum's side of the family eating and drinking ourselves into a festive coma, which we then walk ourselves out of in the evening.  By boxing day I will normally have acquired a horrible cold and will drink numerous hot toddys daily.  I will recover just in time for New Year's eve which is normally spent down in Bath with my friends.

I always go back to work having had the best Christmas ever.

So this year is going to be hard.  At my favourite time of year I am going to be at the other side of the world, hopefully sat on a beach somewhere.  But I'm just going to trust that a new experience will be a good thing, and it'll only make me appreciate Christmas next year even more.