26 Oct 2012

Blogs: Where To Start

A dear friend of mine was asking me about blogs the other day.  I showed her a few of my favourites on her Ipad, yet she couldn't seem to quite grasp the concept of it.  It then occurred to me that when I first discovered the blogosphere my perspective of it was totally different to what it is now.  Now I just understand blogs, I just get them.  Little things like how to navigate them, blog etiquette etc.  There's quite a lot to learn.

I think blogs are really, really great and I think everyone should be able to read and understand the concept of them.  So I thought I'd put together a little list for first time blog readers to use.  Unfortunately, this list is aimed at a more female audience... but these are the top blogs that I read!  These will get you well on your way to understanding and joining the blogosphere .... come with us:

Meet Leandra who writes the fashion blog Man Repeller.  Not only does she showcase and model awesome clothes, she's fricking hilarious and in my opinion can do no wrong.  She is the first fashion blog I started reading and is still my favourite.

This lifestyle blogging lady needs no introduction.  Just visit her blog, just do it!

I can't say enough good things about this lifestyle blog.  She writes wonderfully, I love the way her blog looks and she always has something different to satisfy your blog craving with.  Oh, and she's just moved to LA.

If you're in anyway shape or form creative, you need this blog in your life.  It's written by Artemis who, with her husband Nao, produces jewellery for a living and goes camping.  They make a whole world of other beautiful things too.

This is a photography blog written by Tori Hancock, she takes the most incredible photographs.  Incidentally, my friend who got married last month tried to book Tori for her wedding.  Sadly and unsuprisingly (because she's so darn good), she was already booked.

This girl knows make-up!  She runs a youtube channel doing make-up tutorials.

An awesome travel blog with stacks of useful and entertaining travel related info.

She's released a 'Joy the Baker' cookery book, so I think we can all agree that this blog is pretty successful and worth reading.

And this, because it's hilarious.  She takes ideas from Pinterest and tests them out in real life, more often than not they go wrong.  My personal favourite is the strawberry and cream mug cake post - here.

Last but not least, some blog reading tips for you first timers:

Don't be afraid to click - I never understand where this reluctance to click links comes from, just click away! You'll end up stumbling onto something you love.

Don't be afraid to leave comments - but leave a name.

Don't be afraid to start your own blog - that's the best way to learn about and understand this weird online world.

Happy blogging!