26 Oct 2012

Blogs: Where To Start

A dear friend of mine was asking me about blogs the other day.  I showed her a few of my favourites on her Ipad, yet she couldn't seem to quite grasp the concept of it.  It then occurred to me that when I first discovered the blogosphere my perspective of it was totally different to what it is now.  Now I just understand blogs, I just get them.  Little things like how to navigate them, blog etiquette etc.  There's quite a lot to learn.

24 Oct 2012

Travel & Contraception: Nexplanon Review

Before we go any further, boys, you probably really don't want to read this.  If you do don't say I didn't warn you.  Girls, you definitely do want to read this.  Contraception is of course something to think about carefully.  I have chosen the nexplanon implant, and I wanted to write a little about it because there's a lot of mixed reviews both online and offline.  Even doctors and nurses often seem to say different things about it.

20 Oct 2012

Coffee Table Books Part Two: Blogs, Grandmas and Fashion

Well over a year ago I wrote this post about a coffee table book I had acquired.  After all this time I still have no coffee table but do have three new books!  They are all very cool and make perfect coffee table reading material so I thought I would share them with you.

19 Oct 2012

Happy Friday #12

This song is on one of the CDs I acquired on Saturday, I've never heard the original only the drum and bass remix.  Much prefer this one.

18 Oct 2012


I know you're not supposed to look back, but something I occasionally do is think back to past times in my life and imagine what I would have thought if I knew where I would be and what I would be doing now.  When I do this I realise I wouldn't change anything, it leaves me feeling grateful and hopeful.

A few years ago I viewed travelling as a fantasy.  It was something to bring up in conversation, 'Oh I'd love to go travelling one day', but it was never something I considered turning into a reality.  I just never thought about it, I almost subconsciously accepted that it was impossible.  At one point in my life, and I can't say when exactly because I'm not sure, I decided to stop waiting for things to happen and to stop complaining when they didn't.  

15 Oct 2012

Outfit Post: The Backpacker Edition

Packing for a long term trip.  It's stressful.  Particularly if like me you have the uncontrollable need to pack for every possible occasion humanly imaginable.  To set the scene on how difficult it can be for some girls to pack, watch this video first:

14 Oct 2012

Jumbo Records

Like most most members of the general public, I love music.  However, I rarely buy it.  I feel uninspired by most of the chain music shops out there and choose not to download music for free.  So while my music taste is vast, my collection is quite small.

This weekend I went to Leeds with a couple of friends for a catch up.  We visited a little shop in St Johns shopping centre called Jumbo Records.  A wide range of choice and endlessly helpful staff mean that you are most likely to leave with an album you have never heard of before but will absolutely love.

The staff will ask about your music taste, and a few minutes later will appear with a pile of CDs they think you will like.  You are then invited to listen to the CDs and can take as long as you want.

This place is everything the music buying experience should be.  Their passion for music always rubs off on me and I never leave empty handed.  

12 Oct 2012

Travel Plans

Amidst all of the planning and preparing, the farewells and nerves, behind all of the general chaos that precedes a long term trip, my inner travel bug is twitching her travel nose frantically.  She has woken up and she can sense an adventure just around the corner.  When I initially arrived back from Asia last year she was alive and full of energy, but slowly as I began to settle back into 'normal' life she grew sleepy, drowsy and tired.  Eventually she went into hibernation.

Not anymore.

My initial objective when I get to Melbourne is to get a job and find a place to live.  Whilst hostels really are great, renting a room will be much better long term.  Once that mission is accomplished I will turn my attentions to the following list:

1.  New Year's Eve in Sydney.  Ideally I probably need to book this now, but I don't know what my plans will be.  We'll see, it'd be pretty awesome to say I saw in 2013 at Sydney Habour, but then again I'm quite happy to just say I saw in the New Year in Australia.

2.  Great Ocean Road.  I have friends who will be residing in Geelong so hopefully I will get to explore this famous route.

3.  Wine.  I am going to a wine valley.

4.  Tasmania.  I am going to Tasmania.

5.  Perth.  Yes it's quite far away, but it's a city I really want to visit.  I have a friend who lives nearby (well, six hours away) with her boyfriend so will make use of the contacts!

Happy Friday #11

It's that time again!  I hope you all have something exciting planned for the weekend.

I haven't listened to this band in a while, love their music.

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10 Oct 2012

Sophia Wallace

I recently discovered artist Sophia Wallace when someone shared photos of her Cliteracy 100 Natural Laws exhibition on Facebook.  I won't be able to visit the exhibition with it being overseas but I certainly think it's inspiring, interesting and well worth sharing - hence this blog post.

Hair, Skin And Beauty

Toiletries and cosmetics.  A shopping department narnia that I find myself lost in so regularly.  I genuinely believe that if I was forced to choose between toiletries and clothes I would wave goodbye to clothes (it would be a difficult farewell nonetheless).

Over the past year I've been trying out a number of different products in an attempt to discover something that suits me down to the ground.  I hate having an over complicated routine, it stresses me out and I also think that where my skin is concerned the less I put it through the better.  I like to keep things simple.

8 Oct 2012

Festive Blighty

Whilst I can't wait to be soaked in sunshine every day, I will definitely always be a blighty bird.  My favourite seasons in the UK are autumn and winter, my favourite time of year is Christmas.  With that time of year just around the corner I keep having to remind myself that I won't be here for it.  I love walking through piles of burnt orange leaves wearing a big, long coat and a pair of boots stuffed with leg warmers, and I also love going for a run through a snow covered field wearing my running gloves and a fleecy hoody.

5 Oct 2012

Happy Friday #10

This girl's new song is just wonderful isn't it?  Happy Friday!

1 Oct 2012

Peak District

A recent trip to the other side of Sheffield reminded me how beautiful the UK really is.  I will definitely miss sights like these in Australia.