11 Sep 2012

The Best Of Times... And The Worst

Mr Chris Stevens at Backpacker Banter recently wrote this post about his top ten worst travel experiences.  Whilst the best experiences are what make travelling worth while, the worst ones are what make great stories and what really interest your friends and family back home (although remember never to tell your parents the most hair raising ones until you're safely back on the soil of your homeland, they worry enough already).

Luckily I've never had the misfortune of taking a surf board to the face, although if I decide to pick the sport up in Geelong that may all change.  If previous experiences snowboarding are anything to go by, I'm not going to pick it up with any natural talent or flair ...

So anyhoo I decided I would charge right in and compile my own list of my top five worst travel experiences (I've picked five because I don't have ten... yet).  I think it's a great idea and I hope that other travel bloggers out there follow suit!

  1. Having my bank card blocked in Cambodia.  So nothing bad actually came out of this situation in the end.  Kayleigh and I managed to buy a sim card and contact our banks.  But the initial moment when I realised my card was blocked I felt truly terrified.  I remember thinking that's it, I'm stranded in Siem Reap forever. Ridiculous reaction, yes, but that's what fear and panic does to people!  
  2. Climbing over a landslide in Laos.   I absolutely love telling this story people now so if I'm honest I'm glad it happened.  At the time it was frightening but I just sucked it up and got on with it because there were no other choices available!  Post can be read here.
  3. Pulling an all nighter in Kuala Lumpur before a 9am flight the next day.  Okay, so this didn't 'happen' to me, I did it to myself and have only myself to blame.  But that didn't stop me from feeling massively sorry for myself at KL airport the next morning.  I still love KL though, post here.
  4. Cancelled train in Malaysia... at midnight.  Landslides, floods... bombs.  There's always something to result in a cancelled train.  The problem here was that we were in a dead end town that had only one available hotel at that time of night, said hotel stank of urine and was hotter than lava.  I wrote about it here.  Definitely an experience I'm not keen on repeating.
  5. Being in a car crash in Malaysia.  Very luckily no one was hurt, and rather embarrassingly the crash was caused by an English driver (what are the chances?!).  It was scary, especially as we had no seat belts in the back and it made me realise how quickly things can change.  It was also part of the cancelled train fiasco post.