27 Jul 2012

In The Sky

This post subject is a little strange because I am not a skydiver.  I have a close friend named Rachel who pursues this activity with gusto, having done over eighty skydives during her time on earth so far.  I want to share it because I find it a completely fascinating and astounding sport, and learning about it via Rachel as she progresses has been so interesting.

When Rachel and I travelled together in 2010 we came across a lot of people who had done tandem skydives at various points along the East coast of Australia.  Many of them genuinely didn't believe her when she said she had never done a tandem, and many more (who hadn't skydived) simply saw it as 'falling'.  I suppose one might see it like that, I probably did too at one point.  But the more I've learnt and particularly the more I've seen from her training in the tunnel, the more I've come to realise that skydiving is an art form as well as an adrenaline sport.  It's kind of like synchronised swimming only in the air.  Seeing skilled and talented individuals holding their position in the air with big happy grins on their faces is actually very beautiful to watch!

At some point over the next few weeks I will be accompanying Rachel to the tunnel she regularly visits in Manchester.  I've already seen a short video of her and her boyfriend in training and I was totally mesmerised.  I'd love to purchase one of the first time flyer experiences you can do, but with my move Melbourne in the pipeline I will have to abstain.  I'll be taking many a photo and will post them here for you to feast your eyes on!  In the meantime, get yourself a warm beverage and watch this incredible video (which does actually star Rachel's boyfriend at some point!), you will find it impossible not to feel inspired!