30 Jul 2012

I Heart Sport

Having posted so much recently about events that occurred whilst travelling last summer, I am very much out of the habit of present-day-blogging.  My life at the moment is mainly taken up with preparations for AUSTRALIA, and then neurotically worrying about said preparations for days on end.  Yes, it's all very exciting and frightening.  I am lucky enough to have a close friend already residing in Melbourne, and he has kindly offered me his spare room for the first few days after my arrival.  This will allow me to get over my inevitable jet lag and get a few practical things sorted such a phone contract and bank account etc.

Aside from that I have become a bit of an exercise freak.  I am an athlete (I am not an athlete).  Basically I have another half marathon coming up in October and I plan to beat my previous time.  I completed my first half at the end of May in Sheffield and I LOVED it.  The atmosphere and sense of achievement made me sign up to a second one later that same day!  It took me two hours, twenty-four minutes and fourteen seconds, I was overjoyed with that for a first go.  My main concern was actually running the whole thing (I feel that walking any part of a half marathon defeats the object entirely) and I did - I didn't even stop at the water stations, I just picked up a cup of water and carried on running.  I was like Forest Gump but without the beard.  My aim is now to get a few more halves under my belt and to try and beat my time on every one.  Once I've managed to complete a half in under one and half to two hours I'm going to consider running a full on marathon.  The amazing thing is that two years ago from now I did no running (or exercise for that matter) whatsoever.  When I first began training I couldn't even run half a mile without having to stop and breath deeply for about half an hour.  Now, if I run any less than three to four miles I don't really feel like I've done anything worth while.

Another sport I've taken up recently is squash.  Oh my goodness I love this game.  It's very hard work and great for venting stress/anger/aggression, maybe one day (never) I will be as good as these guys:

Whilst we're on the subject of athletics and sport, I am going to an Olympic event next week!  Kayleigh and I will be at the canoe sprint final a week on Wednesday.  I am unbelievably excited and have already coordinated a red, white and blue outfit to wear.  The one downside is that we have to arrive at the car park by six-thirty in the morning ... and it is approximately a two hour drive.  Luckily for me Kay is driving so I can sleep on the way there!

What summer sports are you taking up this year?  Have the Olympics gone to your head as much as they've gone to mine inspired you like they have me?