13 Jul 2012


I recently applied for and was granted a working visa for Australia, which is valid for 12 months once I enter the country.  I'll be flying out in November to Melbourne where I'll look for a job and a place to live, then backpack for a month or two (or three) in New Zealand.  If I like it I might consider working for a bit in New Zealand as well, but I'll play that part by ear.  There is also a chance I may be spending Christmas in Fiji with friends which would be just lovely!  But until then there is a lot of planning and saving to be done, it will be hard but it will be worth it.

My main reason for taking on a third backpacking trip is, basically, I love it.  Also, going to live and work somewhere is something I've always wanted to achieve and I know I will regret it in later years if I don't go.  I'm only 24 years young - I'm practically a child!  This will be a different experience too, passing from place to place is not the same as settling somewhere new and learning to live and survive there.  Hopefully I'll adapt successfully rather than flying home after a month in tears!  This is the reason I enjoy travelling so much though: you have to be tolerant of others, you have to accept it when things are out of your control and you have to look after yourself.  It's just you, your backpack and your sharp comic wit that you have to rely on.  If you don't let go and let live you will not enjoy yourself and then you'll be full of regret that you didn't make the most of it when you had the chance - most of the places I've visited I may never visit again, so I had to make it count as best I could.

In a nice bout of complete and utter coincidence (well, a little bit of planning has been involved), two of my closest friends are heading to that neck of the woods in September, and two already reside there - one near Perth and the other in Melbourne so I have a place to crash for the first couple of days.
Am I excited?  Hell.  Yes.
Am I nervous?  No ... I'm absolutely bloody terrified!
But there's only one way to see how things will pan out and that's to get on a plane and go.

Wish me luck!