20 Jun 2011

One Day - David Nicholls - Book

My mother has been reminding to read this book for a long time now, I started it last Friday and had finished it by Sunday!  It's about the meeting of Emma and Dexter on the 15th of July 1988, and where they are on that day the following year, and every year after that.  It's brilliantly funny and entertaining, and nicely written.

I preferred the first half of the book, the part where the reader is racing to the next year to see if the pair have finally got together, but relieved to see that they are at least still friends.  In the second half, Dexter sadly turns into a bit of a horrible person, Emma gives up and they lose contact. 

Without giving the ending away too much, I was really, really sad.  Cried for a good three minutes.  I didn't like Dexter when he hit his late twenties and disliked him even more when he hit forty - why does he feel so sorry for himself?!  I didn't like Ian either, he was a bit of a wet flannel. 

I think my favourite character in the book was actually Dexter's mother, Alison.  She too drank a bit too much but she didn't turn into a horrible person.

In other book news I'm still reading Fools Die, and am also about to begin Madame Bovary, the first book reccomended by The Independent.

And in other non-book related news, I'm going to Borneo in a few days!  Highly excited.  Make sure to check my blog for updates and pictures!