16 May 2011

Into The Heart Of Borneo - Redmond O'Hanlon - Book

A family friend lent this book to me for me to read in preparation for a trip to Borneo, which I am undertaking in a few weeks (insert manically excited face here).  It gives the account of O'Hanlon and James Fenton as they embark on a journey to Mount Batu Tiban, located close to the center of Borneo, in search of the Borneo Rhinoceros.

15 May 2011

Hanna - Joe Wright - Film

This film is worth going to see for the soundtrack alone.  The music is by the Chemical Brothers, and although the build up to another chase and a fight scene did get a little tedious towards the end, the music made it enjoyable to watch.

11 May 2011

Recent Ventures

I know, I know I'm neglecting this space very much.  Here are some recent photographs to tide you over:

I ventured to some other parts of Yorkshire to appreciate the countryside.