7 Apr 2011

Laughing Stock

Spaced has returned to our television screens recently and I also went to see Pegg's most recent film 'Paul' last week, so in celebration of all things funny I am going to list my top four comedy shows of all time (four because I can't think of five).  I have the top two on DVD and have probably watched them far too many times.  All of these shows have in one way or another contributed to my uncontrollable line-quoting compulsion, often in front of people who haven't a clue what I'm quoting from.  It's a big problem, but on the rare occasion that I yell 'We are bound by Shaman law' and a complete stranger yells back 'What goes on tour, stays on tour!', I get a feeling of happiness knowing that other people find the same things funny as I do.

4.  Black Books.

Perfect start to the list as it is set in a book shop!

3.  League of Gentlemen

The best black comedy by far - I found the Christmas special actually very scary!

2.  The Mighty Boosh

I really love, love, love this show.  I even went to see them live in Nottingham.

1.  Spaced

This is the best comedy ever created.