13 Apr 2011

The Blogosphere

Last week I dedicated some time to looking at some of the other blogs out there, here are some of my favourites:

1.  Illustration Rally

This blog is brilliant!  I stumbled across it whilst browsing bloglovin.com, and was mesmerised by some of the lovely pictures on there.  Take a peek at their submission guidelines if you have any art you'd like them to feature!

This one is part of a series of illustrations for Japan.

Lovely and highly addictive blog about this, that and the other.  The author, Ashley, is moving to Australia soon - good luck Ashley!  Read her introduction here.

Here she is with her adorable puppy Tilly.

Kayleigh has had artistic and creative flair for as long as I can remember (and we've known each other for a few years now), she was always the one spearheading movements to make our old student abode a bit prettier and a bit more stylish, and would often sit with me sewing or stitching whilst I would ... err ... watch.  She's a talented lady and a great friend.

She is currently raising money for the relief cause in Japan by making these gorgeous little hearts - they are just £2.00 and can be bought by following this link.

This amazing, wonderfully girly blog is written by Hannah.  She is currently holding a giveaway - follow this link to enter!

This way to wonderland!

Creatively inspiring, through and through.  Beautiful home, magical wedding and amazing jewellery (with a new range to raise money for Japan).

Creatively amazing!  These are the best chandeliers I've ever seen, they are so beautiful!

Incredible oui?