14 Apr 2011

Withnail and I - Bruce Robinson - Film

Everyone who has seen it adores this film, inlcuding myself.  It's like a long poetic conversation with a really good film around it, the script is excellent and everything is just so English!  It has small but vibrant drops of prim and dry English culture running right the way through it from start to finish, from the tatty furniture to the farm animals, and from the heavy drinking to the elegant eccentricity of the characters.

13 Apr 2011

The Blogosphere

Last week I dedicated some time to looking at some of the other blogs out there, here are some of my favourites:

11 Apr 2011

Word Of The Week: Imbroglio

I love this word, doesn't it look like fun!  It means 'a confused situation' or 'a confused heap'.  It is Italian and literally translates as 'an entangling'. 

7 Apr 2011

Laughing Stock

Spaced has returned to our television screens recently and I also went to see Pegg's most recent film 'Paul' last week, so in celebration of all things funny I am going to list my top four comedy shows of all time (four because I can't think of five).  I have the top two on DVD and have probably watched them far too many times.  All of these shows have in one way or another contributed to my uncontrollable line-quoting compulsion, often in front of people who haven't a clue what I'm quoting from.  It's a big problem, but on the rare occasion that I yell 'We are bound by Shaman law' and a complete stranger yells back 'What goes on tour, stays on tour!', I get a feeling of happiness knowing that other people find the same things funny as I do.

5 Apr 2011

Where to buy books: Part Two - Sheffield

Go to Sheffield, head towards the City Hall, take a left down Division Street, continue on to Devonshire Street and then look out for a shop called Rare and Racy to your right.  This shop also sells records and is full of every and any book you can imagine.  The owners play retro music loudly into every nook and cranny, old wooden step ladders line the shelves, and the walls are decorated with vintage book pages and annual covers.  Little shops like these really broaden and enrich my experience of buying books and I hope they never die out!

Backpacking Book Worm

Last year I went on a three month trip to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia with a friend.  The experience was hilarious, ridiculous, surprising, humbling, monstrously tiring, and gave me a renewed appreciation for the 'miserable' weather we have here in England (let me tell you now, there is nothing more miserable than your own sweat relentlessly blurring your vision whilst you are crossing a flimsy bamboo bridge across sheer heights, with nothing to hold on to on either side).  I have included some wonderful photos of my trip in this post to stir your inner travel bug - if you decide to use any please place a link back to this post!

3 Apr 2011

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro - Book

I saw a trailer for this film a while ago and had heard that it was a book.  Then one day I was trawling through a book shop in Sheffield and there it was staring at me on top of a pile!  I bought it, and had read it within four days.  Again, very tired.

2 Apr 2011

Word Of The Week: Incorrigible

A friend once told me I was incorrigible.  I went around feeling rather smug that I'd been described with such an unusual word, until I discovered it means to be 'incurably bad' or 'not readily improved' - direct quotes from the dictionary!  You have to admire said friend's brutal honesty.