27 Mar 2011

Word Of The Week: Juxtapose

I have been off the radar recently due to an ever increasing pile of books and novels on my bedside table.  I will review them once I have finally read them!  I have also been checking out some local book shops and found an absolute treausre in Sheffield!  I will be blogging about it this week so check back in soon.

I really love words, so I'm beginning a weekly feature that I have imaginatively called 'Word Of The Week'.  Genius, I know.  I think an Oxford English dictionary is an absolute essential on any bookshelf, it's really quite sad but I can spend many minutes (that somehow transform into hours) reading the dictionary.  I love a good game of Scrabble or 'The Dictionary Game' - which involves guessing the meaning of words picked at random from the dictionary, and drinking wine.

Juxtapose means to 'place things side by side' in order to compare them.  I haven't yet been able to use it in a regular sentence but I will.  I'm not entirely sure when or where ... perhaps at a bus stop I can comment on the juxtaposition of the elderly and the teenagers in the queue ...

More words next week!