31 Mar 2011

Waltz With Bashir - Ari Folman - Film

I love animated films because they are like being inside someone else's memory or imagination.  Just like Persepolis, this film gives a unique perspective on real events and provides you with a better taste for them than any news article or text book could.  Animations are bright, exaggerated and not realistic, but so is one's memory at times.  Memories do not just consist of events, they consist of colours, noises, smells and a whole host of other senses, thoughts and feelings.  You might even say that memories themselves are animated.

28 Mar 2011

Art Fart

More mediocre art for you to browse.  Enjoy!

27 Mar 2011

Word Of The Week: Juxtapose

I have been off the radar recently due to an ever increasing pile of books and novels on my bedside table.  I will review them once I have finally read them!  I have also been checking out some local book shops and found an absolute treausre in Sheffield!  I will be blogging about it this week so check back in soon.

17 Mar 2011

Secretary - Steven Shainberg - Film

I love a bizarre, sick and mildly twisted film just as much as the next person (or I did until I saw Old Boy, shortly followed by Battle Royale, after that I found a renewed love for Disney films instead), and this one did not dissappoint!  I thought I'd post about it in the light of Rihanna's recent release.  I like Rihanna's music, but I do wonder what her next song will be about.  I suspect it will be something mundane like the difficulties one can encounter tying shoe laces in a hurry, as I think she's just about exhausted every sexual song content angle there is.

13 Mar 2011

Book Versus Film

Most Sunday mornings I like to wake up with a cup of hot tea, some buttered crumpets and a dose of Film 2011 presented by Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh.  On this show the pair tell us about new film releases and share their opinions.

11 Mar 2011

Alexander Zalachenko?!

The best thing about crime novels is the fleeting moment of pure clarity, when that crucial piece of the jigsaw falls into place so perfectly and so easily, that you cannot understand how you didn't figure it out sooner.  It normally comes shortly after the halfway point of the book, and is normally in the form of a single, short sentence.  I had one of these moments last night whilst reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.  I'm very close to finishing it now, having read about two thirds of the book in two nights!  I'm very, very tired.