15 Feb 2011

Places to read and write: Part One - Paris

So this isn't a review of a book or a film, but it's all relative!

Today I'm tackling the steely subject of places to read.  I normally read in bed, outside if it's sunny or on the beach if there happens to be one nearby.  There is something really relaxing and indulgent about setting yourself down somewhere pleasant to digest a chapter or two or jot some thoughts down.

If you happen to be in the magical city of Paris, I know the perfect place!  I visited Paris just over a year ago with my good friend Petites Folies and fell in love instantly.  Two lock ins and one crazy Mexican photographer aside, it was a very mellow and cultured weekend, the highlight for me being a visit to The Louvre - although I have to say, I found the Mona Lisa rather dissappointing.

Anyway I'm getting a bit off track here!  This lovely little cafe/restaurant is situated on Carrefour de l'Odéon located south of the river not too far from Jardin de Luxembourg.  Not only is the food excellent, it is designed to feel like a library and is often praised as a 'place for writers'.  Unfortunately whilst I was there I didn't look like a writer, I looked like a mildy hungover tourist, buy hey ho.

It's called Les Editueurs and we found it thanks to our Lonely Planet guide book!  The one time we ate there it was full of writers (they looked like writers, but maybe they were imposters just like me!) and even though it was extremely busy and the seating arrangements were cosy (verging on cramped, but not quite) it was a pleasure to dine there.  Had I had a book with me or a laptop I would have followed the crowd immediately!


  1. Lovely post. Makes me want to go back to Paris.

    P.S I like the new blog layout

  2. Thank you! Yes I felt very reminiscent writing it - we'll just have to start saving!


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