15 Feb 2011

Persepolis - Vincent Paronnaud - Film

This animated French film is about an Iranian girl who leaves her family to study in Vienna.  Got that?  Good.

Unfortunately I know very little about the Iranian Revolution other than the information good old Wikipedia has to offer.  It is still very easy to relate to this film though since it deals with all aspects of growing up.

Throughout you see the main character Marjane struggle to accept what she sees as Iran replaces the Shah with Islamic fundamentalism.  Before she knows it, head scarves are all the rage, couples cannot hold hands in public, and punk rock is dead ... surely not?!

Hopeful she travels to Vienna where she in immersed in more Western customs and over time the viewer witnesses a young girl growing into a realistic and sharp tongued young woman.  You see her grow and change in how she relates to her friends, family, to God and most poignantly, her home.  You also see her experiencing freedom, boys, homelessness and depression.

A very interesting and often hilarious (Eye Of The Tiger pops into my head at spontaneous intervals after seeing this film) story, based on ... you guessed it ... a BOOK by Marjane Satrapi.  Follow the link for a riveting article from The Independent.

I know they say it's a bad idea to read a book after you've seen the film but I disagree, so once I've found/bought a copy I will let you know my thoughts!

In the meantime, follow my lead and watch the trailer.

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