15 Feb 2011

The Occupation - Guy Walters - Book

I really, really do not like this book, and it isn't the book's fault.  It's because I had a bad experience whilst reading the book.  I flew from Singapore to Cairns with a stop over in Darwin (where I read most of the book) and the horrendous experience of being so tired I thought my eyes were going to start bleeding left a mental scar on my brain.  Thus, an unexplainable hatred for this book was born.

The book is actually okay - not bad, not good, just okay.

It hops between two time periods - present day Jersey, and Nazi occupied Jersey.  The actual plot is quite impressive.  The Nazis had a found a natural deadly source on the island which they planned to harness in order to win the war.  Now, in present day Britain, big property businesses have found the same radioactive plot and are keeping it hush hush - until a British journalist picks up their scent.  Who also happens to be a direct descendant of one the German officers occupying Jersey at the time of the war.

The story telling is lively and entertaining, but I felt that towards the end the plot just became a bit ridiculous.  The main reason for this (aside from jet lag) is that I could understand why a Nazi might want to use radiation to build deadly weapons, but I could not grasp why a business would want to use radiation ... ?  It seemed like a very flimsy conspiracy theory and didn't make sense to me.  Maybe it will after I've read 1984 by George Orwell, who knows.

That said I have seen from other reviews of this book that Mr Walters' earlier novel The Traitor received more acclaim, so I will give that a go when I come across it - you know what they say, never judge a book by it's cover ...

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